06 April 2012


ART RECEPTION @ WICA TONIGHT! I'll be showing eight of my most recent works - SEE DETAILS BELOW. Hope to see you there!

Featured Artists:

Judith Burns • Faye Castle • Cary Jurriaans • Barbara Kelly
Earl Lasher • Pamela Mathues • Claudia Pettis • David Price
Phyllis Ray • Sandy Rubini • Deborah Short • Pat McVay
Lois Mathew • Gaylen Whiteman • Hamid Zavereei
Reverence & Doubt Art Show Kicks Off WICA Theater Series Performance

Art Reception ~ Friday, April 6th at 6:00 p.m.
In the Lobby at WICA • Free & Open to the Public

WICA will host “Reverence,” an exhibit of works by local artists (listed below), with an art reception Friday evening in the lobby. This fabulous art show serves as a prelude on the opening night of Doubt, A Parable, by John Patrick Shanley,

“Reverence” will remain in the WICA lobby until the end of April.

“Reverence” curator Cary Jurriaans says this about the art show:
“In our society, where movement is constant, the visual arts are revered as it gives us time for some pure and serene stillness that cannot be found elsewhere. In my opinion, the goal of the artist is to create beauty.”