07 December 2008


My 12-year-old son is a constant source of wonderment and one of my greatest teachers. For my birthday last year I told him the best gift he could give me was for the two of us to spend the day at our favorite beach. I brought along my new camera, just in case I found anything of interest. Well, not only did I find EVERYTHING of interest, I became consumed with taking pictures for the entire afternoon. When the day was done I realized I had completely missed an opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with my son - aside from taking photos of him, like this one. When I began working with this shot the first thought that came to mind was: Redemption. So now when Mac comes home from school and says, "Mom, you're STILL on the computer?" (like he did yesterday), I shut 'er down. :)

The Journey

I was sitting at my computer monitor one afternoon and noticed the reflection of sunshine and falling leaves through the window behind me. What caught my attention when I turned around was tiny glimmers of blue floating among the leaves. I grabbed my camera and headed outside. Those glimmers were hundreds of miniscule flies. My neighbors must have thought I was an absolute loon as I darted around trying to catch one of them! I spent the next hour watching this little guy as he gingerly explored my yellow sweater, flexed and re-flexed his beautiful wings, and then finally took flight. Moments such as these bring out the kid in me.