28 December 2009


On the way to Eastern Washington last summer, a detour off the Stevens Pass Highway led us to a little speck on the map called Index - the most beautiful bend in the river you've ever seen! While the boys headed down the rocky bank with poles in hand to partake in their favorite past time, I stayed back a ways with my camera. Twenty minutes later they were hailing me down the river to witness an amazing find - charcoal drawings from old campfire ash on boulders as big as compact cars. If I hadn't known any better, I could have been standing before the ancient petroglyphs of Colorado or New Mexico. Absolutely beautiful.

21 December 2009

Brush to Bone #1

August 2009 in Eastern Washington was gorgeous! Louie, Mac and I spent several days on Spectacle Lake, somewhere half way between Winthrop and the Canadian Border. While the boys did a lot of fishing, I went exploring. One early morning before the sun rose too high, I climbed a steep, rocky slope - just to see what was on the other side. Lured by the romance of abandoned settler outbuildings, gold mines and possibilities. What I discovered was a wide open, rolling plain of sagebrush, cow patties, and the beautiful, slender jaw of what must have been a young deer. Brush to bone...

16 December 2009

Old Glory


Here is one of my new favorites - "Old Glory." During a September drive to catch the Fall colors up at Mt. Baker, Louie and I happened upon a groovy little general store in the middle of nowhere that sold everything from old fashioned jaw breakers and home made cheese, to local Native American macrame art and Feng Shui CD's. The place was over 100 years old, with wooden floors and a ton of character. This flag was wafting lazily in the wind just outside the front door...