03 November 2010

Mt. Baker Wilderness

If someone would have told me a couple years ago that I would be hiking through the forests and mountains of Washington state with a pack on my back and a camera around my neck, I would have told them they were probably mistakin' me for someone else - or they needed to pour themselves another drink.  Waterproof hiking boots, Camelbaks (huh?), bug spray, Cliff Bars and frequent trips to REI.  Actually getting excited (most of the time) about hitting the road at 6 AM on a Saturday morning.  Yup.  That girl is me.  2010 has been an incredible year, as I've been to some of the most amazing places - like the one in this shot of the Cascade Mountain Range from Mt. Baker, looking down at the clouds.  Yes, looking down.  Can't wait for next spring.

12 May 2010


Oh, sometimes those 'almost missed' opportunities can be frightening! Louie and I were heading to Roche Harbor for a couple days in February, and decided to take a cruise through old(er) Anacortes on the way. We rounded a corner near the marina and saw a couple of these old beauties. Louie got all excited and pulled over so I could take some shots, though I was grumpy (not enough coffee) and hesitant to get out of the car. Thank goodness I did! It didn't take long for what I affectionately refer to as "The Possession" to overtake me, resulting in one of my new favorites: Curves. That old adage, JUST DO IT, comes into play more often than not in my life, at times. More to come soon on this series, for sure.