27 January 2011


Creativity takes on many forms for me, which wax and wane like the lunar cycles (I'm a Cancer; go figure!).  Writing, photography - and oil pastels and colored pencils, which were used to create this piece back in 2006.  What I love about this medium is that it comes from a source deep within which can't be fully described or identified.  I place a blank sheet of stock in front of me, choose a color - and when it hits the paper, I have no idea what's going to come out!  The beauty of pure, raw creation.  So many times I believe artists pigeon-hole themselves with labels.  'I am a writer.'  'I am a photographer.'  'I am a painter.'  I say to hell with the labels, and just do whatever brings you joy!


"God's Country" certainly describes Havilla, located in northeast Washington. One can drive for miles on end across rolling, sand-colored hills, dreaming about ghost towns and the Old West.

Not much has changed in 150 years! Havilla is a tiny dot on the map, with a few houses and this beautiful church rising out of nowhere. I find that places of quiet and simplicity are the ones that speak to me most.