15 August 2013

Gypsy Bones


I'm absolutely THRILLED to share that one of my all-time favorite photographs is showcased on the cover of Author Christin Lore Weber's latest novel entitled, "Gypsy Bones," just released this week. Christin is one of those rare storytellers with the type of eloquence and mastery of the written word that only comes along once in a good ten years, if not more.

Click this link for a sneak preview of the book and to purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/GYPSY-BONES-ebook/dp/B005FY0X58/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1341291174&sr=1-1&keywords=gypsy+bones

And read further for an incredible endorsement by award-winning poet and author, Alla Bozarth:

Wow! Stunning! In their namesake book, Gypsy Bones are crisp, clear, sensual, capturing the secrets of masculine silence, the recognition of Reality that strikes terror at the core of the male psyche, the stifled longing at the core of the feminine. What's wrong with them anyway? thinks a reasonable and fluent woman. You show what's wrong so well. It shimmers with sensuality. Your striking sensitivity to contradiction and complexity, to the layers of silence and their meanings tucked in the folds that bodies struggle to make together as a substitute for critical words . . . the longing, the helpless mutual longing and loneliness . . . How wonderful that you have finished and published this holy, miraculous work.

I'm reminded of Giants in the Earth. Your book expresses the agony of the land in the lives of the individuals and families who strive to tame it and ultimately must learn new ways of being in communion with it, death and life and suspicion and desire all tumbled together.

Did you see the beautiful movie, Sweet Land? You must if you haven't.

Your mind is a marvel to me, that it can bring forth three families, each one populated richly, and weave together the essences of their members and stories, with Sarah the likely visionary who will see all and tell little in that laconic and careful way of true prophecy~ and Hannah who will experience all internally, and I hope will find a way to express what needs to be known.

That's what my impression is and why I love the work.

The cover photo is so provocative. Knife marks cutting into bone, old grass sticking up to it like a needle . . . all open and exposed and perhaps not healthy . . . Hannah's bone, everyone's bone. Humanity's marrow.

That's what I see.
That's what you see.
That's what you write.
That's what you give,
and in the giving,
help heal.