07 May 2014

At times I'm surprised how my photography resonates with others - when they express the emotions that are evoked in them. Some express joy; others melancholy - and still others describe how the images stir memories from childhood.  I suppose they are the souls who best "feel" what the subject is trying to convey. Empaths of a sort.

I'm very honored that Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of the amazing poem, "The Invitation" and many other fine works, recently paired this photograph with one of the the daily musings on her FB page.  This particular day focused on the importance of doing one thing at a time, and being fully present with each task at hand.  This is a message I need to hear over and over again, as it seems the "American Way" of life - Go! Go! Go! Multitask! can get the best of me.

Wishing you a day of focus and pleasure.  One moment at a time.