19 February 2017

Route 66

In these turbulent times, it's important to take care of ourselves.  It feels so good to be doing something creative and uplifting!!!  Here's a few shots from my Route 66 trip last fall. Click on photos for better resolution.

Route 66 
Route 66

Autumn Soup!

A few images from a photo shoot last fall at the Washington Arboretum.
Autumn Soup
Autumn Soup Autumn Soup

I absolutely love the ethereal, three-dimensional mood evoked by the multiple layers of leaves that settled at the bottom of the pond over the course of days and weeks. 

16 February 2017

Canary in a Coal Mine

canary in a coal mine

Last fall, wandering the Wupatki ruins north of Flagstaff at dusk, I came across this beautiful lone Monarch butterfly. It appeared to be basking in the late day sun, it's wings slowly opening and closing. One of them was torn. Who knows what her journey had been thus far, and where it would take her. 

I haven't seen a Monarch since I was a child.  I felt both blessed and melancholy, wondering if I'd ever see another ...